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Gusset Bag VFFS Machine (Vertical, Form, Fill, Seal)

Application of Gusset Bag VFFS Machine
The gusset bag VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) machine is ideal for packing granule, power, solid state materials, such as coffee, potato chips, puffed food, shrimp crackers, peanuts, nuts, popcorns, salt, sugar, tea, seeds, and others.

Main Features of Gusset Bag VFFS Machine
1. RezPack gusset bag VFFS machine provides double servo motors for the film drawing down system.
2. The gusset bag vertical form fill seal machine comes with automatic film rectifying deviation.
3. The vertical packaging machine is designed with famous brand PLC and pneumatic system for vertical and horizontal sealing.
4. The gusset bag VFFS machine is compatible with different internal and external measuring devices.

Main Specifications of Gusset Bag VFFS Machine
Model RZ-800 RZ-900 RZ-1050
Capacity Max. 50bags/min Max. 45bags/min Max. 30bags/min
Bag size Width:100-300mm Width:140-350mm Width:300-500mm
Length: 100-390mm Length: 100-450mm Length: 100-800mm
Max film width Max. 620mm Max. 730 Max. 1050mm
Film thickness 0.04-0.09mm 0.06-0.12mm 0.06-0.12mm
Power source 4.0KW 220V 50HZ 4.5KW 220V 50HZ 6KW 220V 50HZ
Air consumption 0.8Mpa 0.6m3/min 0.8Mpa 0.8m3/min 0.8Mpa 0.8m3/min
Dimension L1250×W1600×H1700 L1360×W1630×H1900 L2250×W1800×H2400
Weight 800kg 900kg 1000kg

RezPack is an experienced gusset bag VFFS machine manufacturer, located in China. Through the establishment of strict quality management system, RezPack has received the ISO9001 certification, and is able to provide top quality packing machine for international customers. High quality, CE certified, competitively priced products have gained Rezpack a large number of customers from different countries and regions around the world, such as America, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, among others. The staff at Rezpack warmly welcomes global buyers to try Rezpack packaging machinery and other products.

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