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Cup Filling Machine
    1. Rotary Filling and Sealing Machine for Single Cup Customized particle and powder material filling system is available from us. Apart from normal temperature liquid filling, we are in the position to manufacture the product with the filling system for hot liquid, as well.
    1. Rotary Filling and Sealing Machine for Dual Cups Specially offered for pre-made plastic cup, paper cup, and paper-plastic cup, the rotary cup filling and sealing machine can be used to package liquid and semi-viscous material, including yogurt, milk beverage, soya-bean milk, fruit juice, jelly, ice cream, seasoning, daily necessities, just to name a few.
    1. Horizontal Plastic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine The horizontal plastic cup filling and sealing machine is a kind of liquid & semi-viscous material packaging equipment for pure milk, yogurt, milk beverage, soya-bean milk, fruit juice, ice cream, seasoning, everyday chemical, among others.
    1. Horizontal Form Fill and Seal Machine for Plastic Cups The film rolling and laminating system is composed of film feeding unit and waste collecting device. The film feeding unit contains film reel placing device, film reel pulling and controlling device, photoelectric label inspection apparatus, and film guide roller.
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