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All-Servo System Packaging Machine, Flow Type

All-Servo System Packaging Machine, Flow Type, DXD-380C

Application of All-Servo System Packaging Machine, Flow Type
The all-servo system packaging machine is suitable for packing biscuits, moon cakes, cakes, bread, fast food noodles, soaps, frozen food and other like products.

Main Features of All-Servo System Packaging Machine, Flow Type
1. The all-servo system packaging machine provides servo intelligentized control and low noise, which makes comfortable working environment.
2. The flow type packaging machine accomplishes the whole process of feeding, forming, filling, sealing, and delivering autoamtically.
3. The packing machine makes use of touch screen, which offers user-friendly man-machine interface, clear parameter display and easy, menu operation.
4. With synchronous film conveying and horizontal seal, the all-servo system packaging machine achieves perfect seal.
5. The flow type packing machine, with a broad length range, suits for packing many kinds of products.

Main Specifications of All-Servo System Packaging Machine, Flow Type
Machine name All-servo System Flow Type Packing Machine
Production capacity 35-130bags/min 60-260 bags /min
Packing range The length of bags 190-450mm 90-270mm
Width 40-140mm 40-140mm
Height 1-60mm 1-40mm
Gross power 3kw
Power supply 220v
Gross weight 700kw
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 3500*1000*1500mm

As a specialized Chinese flow type all-servo system packaging machine manufacturer and supplier, RezPack provides an extensive line of packaging machinery for worldwide customers. In order to better serve customers, RezPack offers, in addition to superior food packaging machine, soap packing machine, pet food packing production line, double filling production line, etc., attentive customer service. Due to consistent dedication to product improvement in strict accordance with international standards, RezPack has received the ISO9001 certification, and its products, are CE certified. OEM service is also available, if needed. Hence, you can feel secure in choosing and using Rezpack packaging machine, measuring equipment or conveyor equipment.

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