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Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine combines automatic forming, sealing, and packaging functions. It is applicable for vacuum packaging of various food (meat, sea food, fruit, vegetable, etc.), medical and hardware items. It also supports gas flush and MAP packaging, or only sealing.

Main Features of Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine
1. Equipped with OMRON PLC, touch screen and Panasonic servo motor, the packaging equipment offers reliable performance and easy operation.
2. The moulds in modular structure design ensure easy replaceability, which enables the machine to be used for multiple purposes.
3. Also, the modular moulds can be used on several machines, and are available with a cooling system. Made of aluminum alloy materials, they feature increased corrosion resistance and wearing resistance after hardening treatment.
4. The machine is available with a photoelectric follow-up system. It supports packaging using colored cover film and optical film, which ensures low operation cost and upgraded products packaging.
5. The waste recycling system ensures eco-friendliness and clean working environment.
6. With special structure design, the packaging equipment is compatible with film material with varied thickness, which enables the machine to be used for special purpose applications.
7. Advanced packaging material punching and cutting system makes sure the final packaging material edges are smooth and burr-free.
8. The main parts of the thermoforming vacuum packaging machine are made of stainless steel, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance.
9. The vacuum pump from German Busch ensures stable performance and long service life.

Technical Specifications of Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine
Model ZG-420
Width of top film (mm) 400
Width of bottom film (mm) 422
Max. roll diameter (mm) Top roll 400mm /bottom roll 350mm
Forming depth (mm) 30
Core diameter (mm) 75
Package style Vacuum, Gas Flush, MAP packaging
Film Flexible/ Semi-rigid/ Rigid
Electric power Depend on country (Need to be confirmed)
Film feed Automatically and support feeding of blank and colorful film
Machine weight(kg) 1900kgs Approximately
Machine overall dimensions 5000×900×1700mm
Machine Structure
Main Machine Body Stainless steel
Mould Material Teflon coated aluminum alloy

Water cooling system is available
Mould Size According to Customer's request
Top Film Roller Air-shaft (Mechanical brake)
Bottom Film Roller
Code Printer Auto printer
Cutting System Horizontal punching cutting
Slitting Device Vertical circular cutting device
Discharge Conveyor 1000mm length
Scrap/Waste Recycling System Roller rewinding type
Main Functions (Standard & Optional)
1) Airshafts with magnetic powder tension brake system
2) Automatic filling device for specific types of granular materials
3) Weight measuring
4) Labeling
5) Metallic material detection
6) BUSCH Vacuum Pump (100-1000m³ /hr. the cost varies with the model)
Standard Mould & Tray
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