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Other Packaging Machine
    1. Vacuum Packaging Machine Both the vacuum chamber packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine are used to evacuate the air around perishable goods such as cheese, meat, and other food products, for extended shelf life.
    1. Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine The modified atmosphere packaging machine is widely used for packaging fresh food like meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables, as well as cooked meat, and baked food like bread and pastry.
    1. Three Dimensional Packaging Machine The three dimensional packaging machine is widely used for automatic, single piece packaging of various boxed products by use of transparent film. The packaging machine is commonly found in pharmacy, food, cosmetics, commodities, stationery, office supplies, poker and cigarette industries, etc.
    1. Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine combines automatic forming, sealing, and packaging functions. It is applicable for vacuum packaging of various food (meat, sea food, fruit, vegetable, etc.), medical and hardware items. It also supports gas flush and MAP packaging, or only sealing.
    1. Automatic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine RZ-L fully automatic plastic cup forming filling and sealing machine is suitable for liquid and paste like yogurt, milk, beverage, butter, cheese, seasoning, ice cream, etc.
      It works with high efficiency and is fully automated.
    1. Automatic Open Top Can Sealer Soft and safe, the pop can is becoming increasingly popular because it can effectively avoid damage during transportation. Our automatic open top can sealer is specially offered to install the aluminium lid onto the cans, to meet the customer demand.

A packaging machine is used to pack products for protection or decoration. The packaging production line, such as liquid and thick liquid filling machine, pillow type packaging machine, granule packing machine and powder packing machine, etc. accomplishes filling, sealing, coding in a continuous flow. There are also other packaging machine, which includes filling machine, sealing machine, vacuum packaging machine, and more.

RezPack, as a leading Chinese packaging machine manufacturer, provides vacuum packaging machine, modified atmosphere packaging machine and three dimensional packaging machine.

The vacuum packaging machine works by automatically extracting the air inside bags to a certain vacuum degree before sealing. Nitrogen or other mixed gas can also be charged before sealing the bags. The vacuum packing equipment, typically used in food industry, improves oxidation resistance of food and thus extends the storage life.

The modified atmosphere packaging machine functions by displacing the air inside bags with protective mixed gas of CO2, N2 and O2. Through modified atmosphere packaging, the machine can suppress growth and reproduction of most microorganisms that may cause food spoilage. In this way, the modified atmosphere packaging machine keeps packed food fresh and ensures long shelf life of food. The modified atmosphere packaging machine is widely applicable to meats, cooked meat products, fish, fruit, coffee, tea leaves, vegetables, bread, and other food found in supermarkets.

The three dimensional packaging machine packs products by use of BOPP or PVC materials. It is extensively used for packing cosmetics, medicines, food, health care products, audio-visual products, stationery, daily commodities, and other three-dimensional skin packaging.

RezPack is involved in the production and sale of a wide variety of packaging machinery, such as pre-made pouch packing machinery, vertical packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine, and more. As RezPack manufacture strictly in accordance with ISO9001 standards, its products are high quality, CE certified. Today, RezPack packaging machine is well received in both the domestic and overseas markets.

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