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Multi Head Weigher
    1. Four-Head Linear Weigher All parts of the multi-head weigher are made of stainless steel. Hence, the measuring equipment is corrosion resistant, dustproof, and easy to clean.
      The multi-head weigher can be used independently or combined with packing machine or other packing related equipment.
    1. Six-Head Weigher The four-head linear weigher and six-head weigher, suitable for weighing granule and powder, provide high speed and high precision.
      Microcomputer control system, with dual vibration feed, easy to operate.
    1. Ten-Head Weigher Welcome to RezPack product webpage! The following is about detailed information of RezPack ten-head computer weigher and 14-head computer weigher. The two types of multi-head weigher offer the same application and features.
    1. 14-Head Weigher The multi-head weigher adopts digital sensors to increase speed, and improve precision and anti-jamming capability.
      All parts of the ten-head computer weigher and 14-head computer weigher are made of stainless steel, Thus, the multi-head weigher is corrosion resistant , dustproof, and easy to clean.
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