Six-Head Weigher

Welcome to webpage of RezPack multi-head weigher! The products shown here are RezPack four-head linear weigher and six-head weigher, which have the same application and features as follows.

Application of Six-Head Weigher
The four-head linear weigher and six-head weigher are suitable for weighing grains, rice, coffee beans, sesame, MSG, capsules, seeds, granulated sugar, salt, chicken essence, melon seeds, nuts, pet food, washing powder, pesticide, fertilizer, feed, milk powder, coffee powder, food additives, condiments, tapioca powder, coconut powder, pesticide powder, fertilizer granules, etc.

Main Features of Six-Head Weigher
1. The four-head linear weigher and six-head weigher, suitable for weighing granule and powder, provide high speed and high precision.
2. Microcomputer control system, with dual vibration feed, easy to operate.
3. All parts of the multi-head weigher are made of stainless steel. Hence, the measuring equipment is corrosion resistant, dustproof, and easy to clean.
4. The multi-head weigher can be used independently or combined with packing machine or other packing related equipment.

Main Specification of Six-Head Weigher
Machine name 6- Head Linear Weigher
Model RZKL -6
Max Load 1000g
Weighing Accuracy 0.5-1g
Weighing Speed 50bags/min
Total power 1KW
voltage 220V single phase 50/60HZ
Weight 220KGS

RezPack is an ISO9001 approved, leading multi-head weigher manufacturer, located in China. In addition to four-head linear weigher and six-head weigher, ReaPack also provides vertical packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine, pre-made pouch packing machinery, and more, for global customers. Due to reliable quality and reasonable prices, CE certified RezPack products are increasingly used in food, beverage, medicine, and electronics industries, to name a few. RezPack has a large number of clients from many countries and regions of the world, including the US, Australia, South America, Europe, and more. The staff at RezPack welcomes you to try its products and sincerely looks forward to working with you.

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