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Conveyor Equipment

Thanks for visiting website of RezPack! This page gives detailed introduction of RezPack conveyor equipment, which includes many types shown as below.

1. Bucket Conveyor, Z Type Conveyor

The bucket conveyor, also known as Z type conveyor, is suitable for elevating granular products in grain, food, feed, and chemical industries.

Main Features
1. The bucket conveyor is used mainly to convey the solid food, such as rice, chip potato, candy, etc.
2. Bucket elevator, together with computer weigher and packing machine, forms an automatic quantitative packing system, which is widely used in food industry.
3. The Z type conveyor is made of 304 stainless steel and plastic (PP), which is safe and hygienic.
4. The conveyor equipment is controlled automatically.

2 . Acclivitous Elevator, L Type Conveyor

The L type conveyor is used mainly to convey solid food, such as rice, chip potatoes, candies, vegetables, etc.

Main Features
1. The acclivitous elevator is made of 304 stainless steel and plastic (PP), which is safe and hygienic.
2. By use of transmission with gear, the L type conveyor is stable and wearable.
3. The conveyor equipment is extensively adopted to use together with the weigher and packing machine.
4. The L-elevator is easy to install and wash.

3 . Discharge Conveyor

Discharge conveyor is suitable for conveying packed products.

Main Features of Discharge Conveyor:
1. Discharge conveyor is made of 304 stainless steel, and plastic (PP), which is safe and hygienic.
2. The conveyor equipment is typically used together with weigher and packing machine, which has wide application.
3. The discharge conveyor is easy to install and wash.

4 . Vibrating Filler

The vibrating feeder is suitable for feeding various solid and granular materials, and commonly used together with elevator and packaging machine.

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