Q: Which kinds of bags are suitable for rotary fill-seal machine?
A: All kinds of premade compound film bags, like 3-side sealing bags, 4-side sealing bags, stand-up bags with or without spout, zipper bags, doypack bags, gusset bags, retort bags, and more.

Q: Which kinds of bags can be formed by VFFS machine?
A: Flat bags, gusset bags, quad seal bags, and others.

Q: How many types of rotary packaging machine do you have?
A: We have four standard models as per the bag width: 80-210mm, 150-320mm, 150-270mm, 200-400m. We also can supply design for special specification.

Q: What are the differences between the vertical form-fill-seal machine and premade bag weigh-fill-seal machine?
A: VFFS machine suits use for roll film packing, while the premade bag WFS machine is ideal for preformed bags. The bag application of WFS machine is wider than that of the VFFS machine.

Q: What is the running direction of rotary packaging machine?
A: Our standard model runs anticlockwise. The rotary packaging machine can also be specially designed for customers.

Q: What is the working process of premade bag packaging machine are there?
A: Standard type has two kinds as follows, and other kinds can be customized.
Six-station: bag feeding---coding---bag opening---filling---sealing---form & output
Eight-station: bag feeding---coding---bag opening 1---bag opening 2---filling---sealing 1---sealing 2---form & output

Q: Do you have 10-station packaging machine? The speed of 8 Stations is too slow.
A: We do have 10-station machine, but more stations does not means higher packing speed. The station range depends on the products and bags. If 8-station is enough for your packing, more station, 10-station, for example, will affect the packing speed and increase your cost.

Q: Is your machine suitable for filling hot liquid more than 80 degree?
A: Yes, we have packed many similar products.

Q: What are the differences between vertical type and horizontal type bag feeding device?
A: Horizontal type is suitable for stand-up bags, zipper bags, spout bags, etc.

Q: Is high speed weigh-fill-seal machine suitable for liquid and powder packing?
A: No, it is only suitable for solids and granules, because too fast speed will cause liquid and powder to spill over the bags.

Q: What information is necessary to confirm the model of vertical packing machine?
A: The bag size, bag type, film width, and the product's status, etc.

Q: What information is necessary to confirm the model of flow type wrapping machine?
A: The product shape, size, the film material, and how to put the product, etc.

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