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Horizontal Packing Machine, DXD-660/560

Application of Horizontal Packing Machine, DXD-660/560
This horizontal type chocolate packing machine is suitable for packing products like chocolate, products coated with chocolate, biscuits, wafer, bread, cakes, and others.

Production Flow of Horizontal Type Chocolate Packing Machine
Products Production Line -- Tidying -- Conveying -- Arranging -- Pillow Type Packing

Main Features of Horizontal Packing Machine, DXD-660/560
1. Rezpack horizontal type chocolate packing machine adopts full servo intelligentized control and runs with low noise, which makes the working condition more comfortable.
2. The chocolate packing machine is highly automated. It can be connected to production line directly and the processes of feeding, forming, filling and sealing are fully automatic.
3. The horizontal type packing machine makes use of industrial touch screen and human-machine interface. It distinctly shows the parameters and has menu operation, which makes operators easier to use.
4. The horizontal type chocolate packing machine is installed with a device for film auto-connection, which ensures smooth packing.
5. With unique design, the horizontal type packaging machinery makes high speed auto-packing of small-sized products possible.

Main Specifications of Horizontal Packing Machine, DXD-660/560
Machine Name Horizontal Type Chocolate Packing Machine
Max. Production Capacity 700bags/min
Packaging Range Length of Bag 55-72mm
Width 15-35mm
Height 5-20mm
Max. Diameter of Film Ø300mm
Max Width of Film 150mm
Gross Power 7.8Kw
Power Supply 380V 50Hz
Gross Weight 1300kg
Overall Dimension 7150*1000*1700mm
The parameters are for reference only. Rezpack can design and produce machine according to customers' special needs.

As an ISO9001 certified horizontal type chocolate packing machine manufacturer located in China, Rezpack has accumulated much experience in the packaging machinery industry. Rezpack products include food packaging machine, flow type packing machine, and related products. As a result of strict quality and cost control measures, Rezpack is able to offer high quality, CE certified bag packaging machinery at competitive prices. That is why Rezpack has customers from many countries and regions of the world, such as Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, the Middle East, Europe, South America, and more.

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