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Candy Packing Machine, Flow Type

Candy Packing Machine, Flow Type, DXD-1200

Applications of Candy Packing Machine, Flow Type
The flow type candy packing machine suits use for packing single pieces of candy and similar products.

Main Features of Candy Packing Machine, Flow Type
1. Safety
RezPack flow type candy packing machine has safety operation, with the help of automatic error display, safety shield and safety switch.

2. Intelligentized control
This packing machine comes with an intelligentized control system, which can store more than 100 pcs of parameter information. The touch screen displays operation indication, error signal and quantity, and is easy to operate.

3. High efficiency
The flow type packing machine has high speed and packing efficiency. With an empty bag remover, the candy packing machine offers minimum empty bags. The use of double shaft device helps reduce time to stop the machine.

4. Long service time
The spare parts are easy to change, and the complete mechanism is designed to have long service life.

5. Low noise
The flow type candy packing machine makes use of synchronization belt, which has low noise.

Main Specifications of Candy Packing Machine, Flow Type
Machine Name Flow Type Candy Packing Machine
Model DXD-1200
Capacity 1200 pcs/min
Packing Spec. Length12-40mm Width12-30mm Height5-18mm
Length of Finished bag 50-80mm
Candy Shape Square, Ellipse, Oblate, Globular, Plum Blossom-Shaped
Gross Power 4 Kw
Overall Dimensions 3300*1350*1560mm
Gross Weight 1400kg
Power Supply 220V 50Hz
Packing Materials OPP, CPP, PET Metallized film, Al-plastic film, Paper-rubber complex

RezPack is a professional Chinese flow type candy packing machine manufacturer, providing a wide variety of pre-made pouch packing machinery, vertical packaging machine, pillow type packing machine, and other products for global customers. ISO9001 approved, RezPack strives to make high quality packaging machinery, measuring equipment, conveyor equipment, etc. in rigid compliance with international standards. Standardized management helps reduce enterprise cost, and thus prices of reliable RezPack granule weighing filling production line, pickle packing production line, multifunction horizontal packaging machine, etc. Hence, CE certified RezPack products are highly sought after by customers from food, beverage, medicine, electronics, and other industries.

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