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Candy Packing Machine, Pillow Type

Candy Packing Machine, Pillow Type, DXD-800

Main Features of Candy Packing Machine, Pillow Type
1. RezPack pillow type candy packing machine is suitable for simple-grain hot, pillow type packing of candies.
2. The candy packing machine offers advanced mechanism, stepless speed regulation by frequency conversion actiyator, stable running, and continuous full-automatic operation.
3. Equipped with photoelectric eye to track color index automatically, the pillow type packing machine guarantees reliable and accurate positioning.
4. Low noise and high speed.
5. The pillow type candy packing machine provides the candies with beautiful packaging, excellent seal, high level sanitation and long shelf time, with the highest packing speed at present in China.

Main Specifications of Candy Packing Machine, Pillow Type
Machine name Pillow Type Candy Packing Machine
Production capacity 300-800bags/min
Packing shape Various shape
Packing range Length 55 (small five claw) 58-60 (large five claw) 48-52 (six claw)
Width 18-30mm 18-30mm 15-25mm
Height 5-20mm 5-20mm 5-20mm
Max. membrane width 150mm

As an ISO9001 approved pillow type candy packing machine manufacturer located in China, RezPack provides a complete line of CE certified pre-made pouch packing machinery, measuring equipment, conveyor equipment, and more. As a result of standardized management, Rezpack products are high quality low priced. Today, RezPack has received large orders from many countries and regions around the world, including America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, South America, Europe, and the Middle East, among others. If you are interested in the packaging machinery, please see related webpage for more details.

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