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Pillow Type Packaging Machine
    1. Multifunction Packaging Machine, Pillow Type The multifunction packaging machine comes with automatic microcomputer control, and automatically displays length, quantity, and error, etc.
      Easy operation and high efficiency.
      The pillow type packaging machine provides high precision, perfect seal and high stability.
    1. All-Servo System Packaging Machine, Flow Type The flow type packaging machine accomplishes the whole process of feeding, forming, filling, sealing, and delivering autoamtically.
      The packing machine makes use of touch screen, which offers user-friendly man-machine interface, clear parameter display and easy, menu operation.
    1. Horizontal Packing Machine, DXD-660/560 The horizontal type chocolate packing machine is installed with a device for film auto-connection, which ensures smooth packing.
      With unique design, the horizontal type packaging machinery makes high speed auto-packing of small-sized products possible.
    1. Multifunction Horizontal Packaging Machine The multifunction horizontal packaging machine is an improved packer used for the big size products. With full computer control and high precision, the packaging machine is ideal for pillow type packing of solid state goods like food (bread, hamburgers, buns, instant noodles, assorted crackers, etc.).
    1. Vegetable Packaging Machine RezPack vegetable packaging machine, specially designed for packing vegetable and flowers, can pack 1 pc or more pieces of vegetables and flowers.
      With computer screen, the packaging machine is easy to operate.
    1. Candy Packing Machine, Pillow Type RezPack pillow type candy packing machine is suitable for simple-grain hot, pillow type packing of candies.
      The candy packing machine offers advanced mechanism, stepless speed regulation by frequency conversion actiyator, stable running, and continuous full-automatic operation.
    1. Cutting and Packaging Machine, Flow Type The cutting and packaging machine can be used to connect candy production line, providing automatic, sanitary packing and improving efficiency of the production line.
      High precision, excellent seal and high stability
    1. Candy Packing Machine, Flow Type This packing machine comes with an intelligentized control system, which can store more than 100 pcs of parameter information. The touch screen displays operation indication, error signal and quantity, and is easy to operate.
    1. Milk Candy, Bubble Gum Production Line The milk candy, bubble gum production line can be used to make single color or multicolor milk candies, peanut candies and bubble gum that are in various shapes and sizes. The milk candy, bubble gum production line has the advantages of novel, stable structure, easy operation.
    1. Biscuit Packing Machine (Without Tray) This no-tray biscuit packer comes with an intelligentized temperature control system, which can store 10 pieces of parameter information. The touch screen displays operation indication, error signal and quantity, and is easy to operate.

The pillow type packaging machine serves to extend the service life and enhance beauty of the packed products. Designed for packing solid state materials, the packaging machine is ideal for regular products such as biscuits, bread, moon cakes, candies, daily necessities, industrial parts, and more. The pillow type packaging machine is also applicable to bulk materials, which should be encased into boxes before packing.

The packing machine provides high energy efficiency and adjustable seal temperature and motor transmission speed within a wide range. Additionally, the pillow type packaging machine features novel design, reliable performance, power saving, easy operation and maintenance. Hence, you can feel secure in using the product.

RezPack is a leading Chinese manufacturer of pillow type packaging machine. Since it was founded, RezPack strives to provide top quality packing machinery for customers all over the globe. With continuous efforts, RezPack has received the ISO9001 certification and is able to provide CE certified products. Through standardized management in line with international standards, RezPack can effectively ensure competitive prices of its superior pre-made pouch packing machinery, vertical packaging machine, and other products. Currently, reliable products and complete service have won RezPack a large number of customers from many countries and regions, including America, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Europe, the Middle East, to name a few.

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