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Vertical Multi-Head VFFS Machine, Multi-Lane VFFS Machine

Vertical Multi-Head VFFS Machine, RZO-900FC
Multi-Lane VFFS Machine, RZO-900YC

Welcome to website of RezPack! The products shown here is RezPack vertical multi-head VFFS machine and multi-lane VFFS machine. The two vertical packaging machine share a list of features, including

1. RezPack vertical multi-head VFFS machine and multi-lane VFFS machine provide high power, low noise, long service life, and are thus extremely efficient, and easy to maintain.
2. The VFFS machine offers roller heat seal, four-side sealing, high speed and multi-line packing, high efficiency, with fine bags coming smoothly.
3. With precise measurement, the vertical packaging machine makes it easy to adjust the pouch length without changing the mould. By use of advanced technologies, the vertical multi-head VFFS machine is designed with user-friendly man-machine interface and offers easy regulation of vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, filling, notch cutting, vertical cutting, fracture line making, and horizontal cutting.
4. Both vertical multi-head VFFS machine and multi-lane VFFS machine adopt famous servo motor driver and high performance PLC. The pouch length can be set up directly on the touch screen. There is auto in-phase tracking of vertical and horizontal sealing. Compared to a packing machine with mechanical transmission, the VFFS machine is more time and material saving, with smoother bag pulling and easier adjustment.
5. Photoelectric tracking system is adopted to ensure the automatic, accurate correcting of the double face printing design on packing bags and precise counting.
6. Automatic control of PLC, coupled with frequency changer for stepless speed regulation, contributes to easy operation and reliable performance of the vertical multi-head VFFS machine and multi-lane VFFS machine.
7. With a wide application scope, the vertical form fill seal machine suits most of the complex film packing materials.

Given below is about application and specifications of multi-head VFFS machine and multi-lane VFFS machine, respectively.

Application of Vertical Multi-head VFFS Machine
RezPack multi-head VFFS machine is suitable for packing powder materials, especially flour, milk powder, and more, in the pharmacy, food, agriculture, and daily necessity industries.

Main Specifications of Vertical Multi-head VFFS Machine
Machine name Multi-head VFFS Machine
Bag length 50-200mm(L) (adjustable)
Bag width 50-100mm(W)
Packing speed 80-240bags/min (4-6lines) depend on punch size and material
Measuring range 1-80ml
Cutting fashion Flat cutting, with tear notch
Sealing fashion 4 side sealing
Applicable film PET/AL/PE PET/PE NY/AL/PE NY/PE
Max width of film roll 900mm
Max film roll diameter Φ300mm
Film roll core diameter Φ70-76 mm
Power voltage 380V/ 3 phase 4 wires 50HZ
Power 10KW
Package size (L)1650mm×(W)1400mm×(H)2200mm
G.W 1700KG

Application of Multi-lane VFFS Machine
RezPack multi-lane VFFS machine is commonly used to pack such liquid materials as soy sauce, water lolly, peanut oil, vinegar, salad oil, ice lolly, and wine in the fields of pharmacy, food and daily necessity industries.

Main Specifications of Multi-lane VFFS Machine
Machine name Multi-lane VFFS Machine
Pouch length 50-300mm Adjustable (within the length range)
Pouch width 35-100mm Width fixed
Filling capacity 1-80ml Based on dosing system
Packing speed 160-600bags/min 4-12lanes Based on material and bag size
Feeding device Sanitary pump
Standard cutting device Smooth cutting, with tear notch, dashed line cutting
Sealing type 4 side sealing
Driver system Servo motor driver
Applicable film PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/PE, NY/AL/PE etc.
Film width 900mm
Film roller specification Film outer diameter< 300mm, film inner diameter 70-76mm
Voltage 380V 3 phase 4 wires, 50Hz Made in accordance with customer request
Total power 8.5Kw
G.W 1500Kg
Package dimension 1650×1400 × 2000mm( L × W × H)
Optional device Ink roller printer, Embossing type dating unit

RezPack is an experienced manufacturer of multi-head VFFS machine and multi-lane VFFS machine, located in China. RezPack also provides cutting and packaging machine, measuring equipment, high speed vertical form fill seal machine, etc. in addition to the vertical packaging machine, to accommodate any need global customers may have. CE certified RezPack packaging machinery now has markets in many countries and regions around the world, including America, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and more, due to their high quality and competitive prices. Additionally, as a result of consistent management in rigid compliance with international standards, RezPack is ISO9001 approved. Hence, you can feel secure in choosing and using RezPack products.

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