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Vacuum Packaging Machine, RZ-DQ-420

Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machine, Vacuum Packaging Machine, RZ-DQ-420

Thanks for visiting website of RezPack! This page shows RezPack vacuum chamber packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine, which offer the same application and features as follows.

Application of Vacuum Packaging Machine
Both the vacuum chamber packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine are used to evacuate the air around perishable goods such as cheese, meat, and other food products, for extended shelf life.

Main Features of Vacuum Packaging Machine
1. The vacuum chamber packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine removes the air from a package at the same time of sealing it. The packaging machine thus protects the packed products to ensure extended storage life.
2. Vacuum bags or barrier pouches are commonly used by the vacuum chamber packaging machine and vacuum packaging machine.
3. The barrier bags provide a barrier against the atmosphere and moisture.
4. The bags are placed in the chamber of the vacuum packaging machine, which seals the package when a certain amount of air is extracted from the vacuum bag. The vacuum chamber packaging machine is made of stainless steel and available in a variety of sizes and configurations, the option of gas flushing kits, e,g.

Main Specifications of Vacuum Packaging Machine
Machine name Vacuum Packaging Machine
Capacity pump 20m3/h
Machine cycle 15-40sec
Heating base 400mm×2bars(420mm×1bar)
Dimensions 500×530×1000 mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Power 1.0KW
Weight 68(65)KG

RezPack is a leading Chinese vacuum packaging machine manufacturer, founded in 2005. With years of production experience in the packaging machinery industry, RezPack is able to provide high quality pillow type packaging machine, three dimensional packaging machine, and related products. Due to consistent quality management in rigid compliance with international standards, RezPack has received the ISO9001 certification, and its products, are CE certified. Currently, high quality competitively priced RezPack packing machine is very popular with customers from America, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Europe, the Middle East, among others. The staff at RezPack warmly welcomes global buyers to try its products and sincerely looks forward to working with more international customers.

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