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Powder VFFS Machine

Powder VFFS Machine, RZ-F80C

Main Features of Powder VFFS Machine
1. PLC control, together with English-Chinese display, makes RezPack powder VFFS machine fully automatic and easy to operate, adjust, and maintain.
2. The powder vertical form fill seal machine is designed with photoelectric tracking system and two-way compensation mechanism, for correct and accurate double-face printing and counting.
3. The casing of the powder VFFS machine is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-proof and easy to clean.
4. Auger screw is used for dosing.
5. Options of cutting way: saw-tooth cutting, dashed line cutting
6. Option: ribbon coding machine

Main Specifications of Powder VFFS Machine
Item Specifications Remark
Pouch length 50-120mm Adjustable (coming within the length)
Pouch width 40-80mm Should change bag former
Filling capacity 1-20ml, 20-50ml Based on dosing system
Packing speed 30-60bags/min Based on material and bag size
Feeding device Auger screw
Standard cutting device Saw-tooth cutting, smooth cutting, with tear notch, dashed line cutting A choice between three
Sealing type back side sealing Pillow type
Driver system Mechanical driver
Applicable film PET/AL/PE, PET/PE, NY/PE, NY/AL/PE etc.
Film width 160mm
Film roller specification Film outer diameter< 300mm, Film inner diameter 70-76mm
Voltage 380V 3 phase, 50Hz Made in accordance with customer request
Total power 0.9Kw
G.W 280Kg
Package dimension 1100×820×1800mm ( L× W×H)
Optional device Ribbon printer, embossing type dating unit

RezPack is an ISO9001 certified Chinese powder VFFS machine manufacturer, providing CE certified vertical packaging machine, pillow type packaging machine, pre-made pouch packing machinery, and more. Easy access to complete infrastructure and convenient air, seal and land transportation allows RezPack to make deliveries at low shipping charges for customers. If you are interested in RezPack products, please see the webpage to find the right equipment for your business. The staff is happy to assist you with your packaging machinery need.

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